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Pure Python

The Pure Python product groups all the pure python packages developed at MGL


  Default Assignee
AutoDockTools Ruth Huey
AutoDockTools serves as a GUI to the automated docking software AutoDock. Select this to report a bug that occurred while running an ADT command.
DejaVu Guillaume Vareille
DejaVu is a component for the visualization of 3-D geometries using the OpenGL libraries.
FlexTree Yong Zhao
Python package implementing objects for the hierarchical description of molecular flexibility and shape.
idle Michel Sanner
The idle package is the package used for the Python shell in Pmv. Please select this component to report bugs related to the python shell.
mglutil Michel Sanner
The mglutil component implements a set of utility functionalities. Select this component to report bugs involving the GUI or other utilities.
MolKit Michel Sanner
The MolKit package provides support for reading, writing, querying and representing molecules in memory.
NetworkEditor Michel Sanner
The NetworkEditor package implements functionality ....
PMV Sargis Dallakyan
Select this component to report bugs related to Pmv, or occuring while running Pmv.
Pmw Michel Sanner
Third party packages Python Mega Widget
PyBabel Michel Sanner
The PyBabel package is a reimplementation of most of the functionalities available in the program Babel 1.6. This program performs conversions between multiple molecular data formats, provides support for finding atom types, rings etc....
symserv Daniel Stoffler
point symetry operators
tester Michel Sanner
A Python package testing tool
ViewerFramework Michel Sanner
The ViewerFramework component is a template for writing visualization application that uses a DejaVu viewer for rendering 3D geometries.
Vision Michel Sanner
Vision is a visual-programming environment in which the user can interactively build networks describing novel combinations of computational methods, and yielding new visualizations of their data without actually writing code.
Volume Anna Omelchenko
This package implements functionalities to deal with volumetric data.
VV Anna Omelchenko
The Volume Viewer package is a component extending Pmv with new commands to do Volume visualization based upon the VolumePro (tm) technologies: VolumePro 500 graphics card (Real time 3D rendering hardware) and its API Volume Library Interface (VLI).