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The easiest way to manipulate the grid box is to use AutoDock Tools (ADT).
The graphical interface allows you to place and resize your grid box
accurately and interactively. You can also adjust the relevant parameters in
the .gpf file (as Gyanendra mentioned). If the maximum dimensions
(126x126x126) do not cover your area of interest, try increasing the spacing
between points in the grid. The default spacing of 0.375 angstroms can be
increased up to a maximum of 1 angstrom, but you need to remember that
larger point spacing will reduce the resolution of your dockings. Also,
larger grids will obviously take longer to compute.
I use autodock 3.0.5 and have used these values above.

I hope this helps.


Steve Platt
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Hello all,
I would like to ask if anybody know how I can increase the grid box for a
docking calculation. Which file I have to modify?
Thank you very much,
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