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Thu Feb 24 17:28:26 PST 2005

Hi. I attempted to install ADT on Win98 on one system. Played with the
GLUT32.DLL and once had it working but a week later didn't work. When it
worked, we had GLUT32.DLL in the 
Since then, I've downloaded GLUT and there's another Glut.dll file when you
extract it. I think that is supposed to be for Win9x and I would expect that
to work in the System folder. I haven't tried it.
The system we were experimenting with had a student profile which was locked
down and that may have had something to do with the problem we experienced.
Win98 does have OpenGL installed by default, so the appropriate GLUT dll is
the only one which should be required.
In my case, I didn't pursue this option simply because the class was run in
a different location with XP systems. End of problem.
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Hi all,
Does anybody knows if Autodock Tools could be installed on Windows98?
Thank you!
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