ADL: segmentation fault

Arnout Voet goanyx at
Mon Feb 28 06:55:03 PST 2005

dear autodock users

i get an error segmentation fault 
i tried to set stacksize unlimited but i still get this error 
i am working on an SGI machine
the weird thing is in an other directory (same user) i do not get this error
i tried replacing the files to other directories but i still get the
error and when i work with old docking files (docking parameter files
, ligands and gridmaps) i can dock
all the files are -rw-r----

what causes this error?

the docking log ends with
number of grid points expected in x-dymension: 129
number of grid points expected in y-dymension: 129
number of grid points expected in z-dimension: 129
Looking for 2146689 energies form Grid Map 1... 

met vriendelijke groeten,
kind regards,
Arnout Voet
laboratory for biomolecular modeling
celestijnenlaand 200D
3001 Heverlee
goanyx at
arnout.voet at
tel: 0496/479008

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