ADL: autogrid3 command not found

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Wed Apr 12 15:53:44 PDT 2006

Autodock and autogrid are part of a separate package you must apply for
permission to use. They don't come with ADT. When your application is
approved, you will be sent a location to download from.

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Greetings ADT experts,

I am struggling to navigate within this unix environment to get adt 
running.  Currently I am running into trouble with autogrid.  I have 
installed the latest version of MGLTools (1.4.1 
complete2.4_binary_ppcDarwin8_acad_1.4.1) on a Mac OS X 10.4 and the 
installation appears to be successful.  I retrieved the ligand and protein 
files for the tutorial and everything was going as per this tutorial accept 
when I tried to run autogrid.

In the terminal window it states that the command is not found while the 
autodock process manager remains blank.  I assumed that autogrid was 
compiled with the MGLTools autodock package but I can not seem to find an 
executable within MGLTools.

Would anyone be so kind as to enlighten me.


Kirk Beebe

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