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Gyanendra Kumar gyan at
Mon Jan 30 00:09:57 PST 2006

Hi Swarna,
I think, for receptor, the allowed atoms are CHOSMX, where M is for metal
and X for any other atom. try changing your P to X.
My proteins include cofactors like NAD or NADP. And I make it work by
changing P to X and I am able to reproduce co-crystalized
protein-cofactor-inhibitor complexes.


> Hi
> I am using 1.3alpha2 version of ADT...My macromolecule consists of protein
> and
> membrane. which contains P atom. It gives an error  saying unusal atom
> type
> P. Does it mean that it is not capable of handling P? can anyne sugggest
> what
> needs to be done?
> thanks
> swarna
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