ADL: Submitting an AutoDock job in a Linux cluster

Wilfred Li wilfred at
Tue Apr 3 23:10:48 PDT 2007

Try get rid of the '&' sign at the end of your autodock3 command line,
which sends the job to the background, and is considered 'done' to PBS.


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	Dear all,
	I am using a simple PBS script to submit AutoGrid and 
	AutoDock jobs in a Linux cluster. The jobs are launched 
	succesfully and I do get the results and all the output files. 
	However, PBS fails to keep track of the AutoGrid and 
	AutoDock jobs. 
	Immediately after I submit the job the job is running 
	and after a few seconds the job is exitting (although 
	it is still running on the node). 
	So, after a few seconds, according to PBS the node is 
	free but in reality there is an AutoDock job running.
	I know that the AutoDock job is still running because 
	the output file is not complete.
	This is the executable script ( that I use:
	autodock3 -p DPF_FILE -l DLG_FILE &
	and I submit the jobs using the following command:
	qsub -N AutoDock -l 
	I just started using PBS and I do not know why PBS 
	fails to keep track of the jobs, 
	any help would be greatly appreciated,
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