ADL: Autodock problems

Arcaro, Michael J michael.j.arcaro at
Wed Aug 8 09:04:39 PDT 2007

AUTODOCK community,

Hi, I am a new docker on a linux system and using ADT 1.4.5 to run Autodock4, when I first did the tutorial with autodock3 everything worked great now ever time I open ADT I've got a new problem. Problems now are, autodock and autogird are working slowly and dont really seem to be responding correctly, when the process manager pops up it stays for a few minutes then dissapears and no process has been logged(however I have done the tutorial again and the same problem occured with the process manager with no process being logged but I still mamaged a successfull docking), and my current problem is I am unable to select individual atoms with my cursor. Also I have set the stacksize to unlimited and made sure all files are in the correct locations.
Any comments or suggestions would be very helpful, thanks.


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