ADL: ADT on OS 10.4.5

Sidath C. Kumarapperuma sidath at
Fri Nov 2 13:46:20 PDT 2007

Hi Kenneth and ADT users,

I managed to install MGLtools 1.4.6 on OS 10.4.5 (Leopard) and run  
with little modification to X11.

New X11 ver2 (came with Leopard) could not open the autodock tools and  
pmv but could open vision.

So I have downgraded X11 to ver 1.1 and running it on Leopard for the  
moment until developers(apple and/or MGL) fix it.
And also had to change the directory name for Darwin8 to Darwin9
(eg. /Library/MGLTools/1.4.6/i86Darwin9)

Now everything works fine.


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> Does anyone know if ADT and AutoDock will run under Mac OS X 10.5?
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