ADL: Unpacking (autodock).tar.tar

Daniel Jana dfjana at
Sun Nov 4 10:54:09 PST 2007

Jack Shultz wrote:
> You could do whatever you like, but I like to put my source in my /usr/src
> I don't like cluttering my home directory. I never broke my server
> while doing that. I found other ways to break it.

Whatever suits you better, my message was an advice to Martin, you seem 
to have it all covered.
I just can't get in my mind whichever may be the reason to change the 
permissions of a folder, sudo some common command to be able to do it in 
a non-standard folder or do a extraction, a faily simple action under 
root. *That* is the reason why I wrote my message. To me it seems as bad 
procedure, if it works for you, fine. Nonetheless, I prefer to advise 
Martin (and others) to use a different one.

Have a nice weekend (it there is any left).

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