ADL: Autodock 4 energy break-down

Dong Xu dxu at
Wed Nov 7 12:59:06 PST 2007


I wanted to second Arneh's question. How do we get a energy break-down of the
vdW + Hbond + desolv Energy ?

If a source code modification is needed, can anyone tell us where to look for?

Dong Xu

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Date: Nov 7, 2007 8:37 AM
Subject: ADL: Extracting the Desolvation Energy from a dlg file
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How does one extract the desolvation energy from a particular cluster, in
a dlg file?

For instance, in the excerpt below, we can see that the desolv Energy is
encompassed in the Final Intermolecular Energy (vdW + HBond + desolv
Energy = -6.50 ).   But how do we determine the values of each of the
three (or at least two) of the terms on the left hand side, for this
particular cluster?


USER    Cluster Rank = 5
USER    Number of conformations in this cluster = 14
USER    RMSD from reference structure       = 51.638 A
USER    Estimated Free Energy of Binding    =   -6.73 kcal/mol
USER    Estimated Inhibition Constant, Ki   =   11.67 uM (micromolar)
[Temperature = 298.15 K]
USER    (1) Final Intermolecular Energy     =   -6.50 kcal/mol
USER        vdW + Hbond + desolv Energy     =   -6.40 kcal/mol
USER        Electrostatic Energy            =   -0.11 kcal/mol
USER    (2) Final Total Internal Energy     =   +6.40 kcal/mol
USER    (3) Torsional Free Energy           =   +0.82 kcal/mol
USER    (4) Unbound System's Energy         =   +7.45 kcal/mol

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