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Tee Pioj tee_piorj at
Fri Nov 9 00:01:53 PST 2007

Hi! every docker
I would like you give some advices. I use autodock 3.0.5 and run command pdbtopdbq, I then give some message like this :
[root at localhost hiv_drugs]# pdbqtopdb *.pdbq > *.pdb
/root/bin/share/getpdbrecords: Command not found.
/root/bin/share/fixatomnames: Command not found.
awk: fatal: can't open source file `/root/bin/share/pdbtopdb2.awk' for reading (No such file or directory)
I doubt that when I checked to root directotory (/root) as it appear in message above, I found that there,s no bin directory and so on in it.
What should I do ?
Thank for all of your kindness.

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