ADL: ADT and Python2.5 in fedora 7

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Sorry to say that for such problems, you can only keep trying. I feel your second approach could be the way out. Keep on working on opengltk (

I am using ADT on Ubuntu 6. I got a problem when the system upgrades itself from 2.4 to 2.5. I reinstalled ADT and it has worked despite minor changes from /usr/bin/env python2.4 to /usr/bin/env python2.5.
Yang Ye

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It's not working either.

Actually I began to install using precompile version (MGLTools-1.4.5-Linux-x86-Install), then when I try to find the binary for the ADT but there is none. I just couldn't find it. Then I tried to use the tips in the NBCR Public Wiki, I did not find the directory as in the example


I change it to this instead


into the "sed" command
Then I try to run the python it gave "error while loading shared libraries."

The second try, I was to compile from the source from mgltools_source_1.4.5.tar.gz.
The installation don't even start with error
/usr/bin/env: python2.4: No such file or directory

Then I try modified the some of the source code by changing the python2.4 to python2.5 then the installation manage to initiate until again there is error installing opengltk. But I continue to install others.

Then I find the "adt" to run in the

Again, nothing happen when i try to run it.

Please Help me.

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