ADL: ADT and Python2.5 in fedora 7

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Tue Oct 2 01:04:06 PDT 2007

Actually I just tried the prerelease version of 1.4.6 using the
installer. One thing that might not have been obvious is that you need
to have trusted X11 forwarding set, so that you can see the flash screen
for the installer, the standard output, the license screen, and the
confirmation screen. This is not a problem if you are installing on a
local linux machine through X windows. It's required for remote
installation where trusted X11 forwarding is set by default.

#ssh -Y <FQDN for host>


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	It's not working either.
	Actually I began to install using precompile version
	Linux-x86-Install), then when I try to find the binary for the
ADT but
	there is none. I just couldn't find it. Then I tried to use the
tips in
	the NBCR Public Wiki, I did not find the directory as in the
	I change it to this instead
	into the "sed" command
	Then I try to run the python it gave "error while loading shared
	The second try, I was to compile from the source from
	The installation don't even start with error
	/usr/bin/env: python2.4: No such file or directory
	Then I try modified the some of the source code by changing the
	python2.4 to python2.5 then the installation manage to initiate
	again there is error installing opengltk. But I continue to
	Then I find the "adt" to run in the
	Again, nothing happen when i try to run it.
	Please Help me.
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