ADL: error launching autodock4

Christian Meesters meesters at
Tue Oct 2 05:08:58 PDT 2007


Being a newbie this is perhaps a trivial question ...

I managed to install autodock4, autogrid4, and adt on my computer
(Ubuntu 7.04) and also followed the tutorial. (BTW This is a very well
written one, thanks!)
However, now that I try to apply the steps to my own docking problem I
face a problem when running autodock4 (in adt: Run->Run AutoDock). The
error I get is:
autodock4: ERROR:  Unknown ligand atom type "O"; add parameters for it
to the parameter library first!

The ligand in question is a simple Phosphocholin for testing purposes,
so, of course, it contains oxygen. 

I know that my problem description must be vague, but it is all I have,
since everything up to the launch of autodock run flawlessly.

Any ideas of what might went wrong?


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