ADL: I think I can compile the ADT binaries, but now where do they gADT Placement

Matt Burns mburns at
Tue Oct 9 00:08:47 PDT 2007

I can compile the ADT docking binaries, but i don't know where to put them, now that "MGLTools 1.4.6" is in "Program Files" with it's own versions of some Python elements. I read that it goes in the "ADT DEV Folder". What folder is this? Some suggest "C:\Program Files\MGLTools 1.4.6\MglToolsPckgs\binaries," since it contains "cygwin1.dll". Does the environmental variable, PYTHONPATH need folders from under "MglToolsPckgs" added to it's values?  Hassitecustomize.p changed the definition of "mglroot" now that it is (I assume) the Development Folder?  And where do files  now say the ADT binaries are. Does this change how AutoGrid and AutoDock look for PDBQTs?  Do they still look in what Python has defined as the CWD, or has the ADT DEV Folder now become CWD? If yes, do I manually change the files that ADT used to find PDBQTs with ("" and "_adtrc")

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