ADL: no clusters found error

IVYtony smth ivytony at
Wed Oct 17 22:48:51 PDT 2007

I'm pretty new to autodock 4 and I just figured out how to run docking
computations by using ADT.

I'm trying to dock a short peptide (20 amino acids long) onto a protein
kinase that has known structure. I don't know where the binding occurs on
the kinase surface. I followed the tutorials for my docking. But when I
tried to analyze docking results by opening the docking log (.dlg) file.
However, when I click 'Analyze' -->'Conformations' --> 'Load....', I got an
error message saying: no clusters found!

I am wondering how to analyze the the docking results? visualize it? why no
clusters? I've set 'analysis' in the .dpf file.

I appreciate any reply.


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