ADL: I will be greatly thankful for the help

kala bharath kalabharath at
Sun Oct 21 00:33:39 PDT 2007

Dear members
                         I am very glad that AutoDock4 is now available 
under GPL.since i am a newbie to the whole new world of Molecular 
docking i seek your help and advice, please reply though my questions 
may seem annoying.

1.I couldnt able to run either autodock4 or autodock tools even after 
modifying the .cshrc , when i run the "pmv" or 'ADT' it says "floating 
point exception",     though when i type autogrid4, i could able to run 
it - I feel that my hardware is insufficient, my configuration is

    AMD Athalon 64 bit @ 1.8 Ghz speed
    512 Mb RAM
    K8V Mother Board with "VIA Unichrome S3 Graphics Adaptor"
    " I am not having any "GRAPHIC CARD"  and the mother board has 64 mb 
shared graphics"
     Samsung 80 Gb SATA hard drive.
    Fedora Core 5 x64 bit operating system , I also use x64 bit 
operating system of Windows XP.
2. I failed to run ADT in my windows too. as soon as i start the 
application my windows crashes with an appearance of "blue screen" with 
a second my system restarts.

3.What exactly needed to install to run autodock . Does the installation 
of ADT is alone sufficient or should i have to install both the 
autodock, autogrid and ADT. i am pretty confused with all these programs.

4.and also i couldnt able to install "Chimera" , from that i came to a 
conclusion that there is something wrong with my graphics drivers.

5.Please suggest me the essential hardware  and software upgrades , Also 
the type and model of graphics card which i can install , and also with 
the installation problems.

your suggestions will be a great help for me for my project, i will be 
very thankful for your help , forgive me for the time taken

thank you

kala bharath.

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