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Tue Oct 23 06:28:49 PDT 2007

Dear Igor,
If you have the cygwin library in the same folder that you have the
executables files autogrid4 and autodock4, then it should work ok. Did you
try to make the tutorial? Try this, if you have installations problems
you´ll find out.

2007/10/23, Novak, Igor <inovak at>:
> Hi netters,
> I have used the files:
> autodocksuite4.0.-i86Cygwin.tar.tar
> setup.exe
> python2.4.3
> mgtools-1.4.6.setup.exe
> to try and install the Autodock on Win XP based PC.
> I installed python and mgtools OK, but
> when I tried to install Cygwin it hung. I still managed to get Cygwin
> directory with ADT and Autodock executables in it.
> How can I check whether my Autodock is complete and correctly installed?
> Are there any test inputs??
> Thanks for any help.
> Sincerely
> I.Novak
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