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I'm working on my master's thesis and i need the papers that that are in the
references section of autodock pages, but i can't find them online, and
those journals aren't available in any of the Portuguese libraries that I've
know. Can anyone send me the reprints to my mail?

Morris, G. M., Goodsell, D. S., Halliday, R.S., Huey, R., Hart, W. E.,
Belew, R. K. and Olson, A. J. (1998), Automated Docking Using a Lamarckian
Genetic Algorithm and and Empirical Binding Free Energy
*J. Computational Chemistry*, *19*: 1639-1662.

Huey, R., Morris, G. M., Olson, A. J. and Goodsell, D. S. (2007), A
Semiempirical Free Energy Force Field with Charge-Based
*J. Computational Chemistry*, *28*: 1145-1152.

Morris, G. M., Goodsell, D. S., Huey, R. and Olson, A. J. (1996), Distributed
automated docking of flexible ligands to proteins: Parallel applications of
AutoDock 2.4<>
*J. Computer-Aided Molecular Design*, *10*: 293-304.

Goodsell, D. S. and Olson, A. J. (1990), Automated Docking of Substrates to
Proteins by Simulated
*Proteins:Structure, Function and Genetics.*, *8*: 195-202.

Goodsell, D. S., Morris, G. M. and Olson, A. J. (1996), Automated Docking of
Flexible Ligands: Applications of
*J. Mol. Recognition*, *9*: 1-5.

The best regards,

Carlos Familia

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