ADL: best system configuration

Daniel Jana dfjana at
Sun Oct 28 15:40:30 PDT 2007

Yang Ye wrote:
> upgrade to a higher frequency CPU or dual-core for running two docking simultaneously

While that is the best way to get better performance, that means a total 
renewal of the system. There aren't (just guessing) many cpus that fit 
into the socket of an old 1.8 GHz processor...
To have a new processor (dual core, for instance) it will be necessary 
to have a new motherboard and memory too. That leaves, from the current 
system, just the hard drive. And, might as well, if you are buying, buy 
a new one as well. Just keep the old computer and get a new one. Perhaps 
you could do some kind of server on it just to do calculations...
Although this would be the best way to ensure a good experience in 
docking and other programs, this means spending much more money than 
just getting a low performance dedicated graphics card... If you have 
the money, go for it. Otherwise, I'd settle for now with a better 
graphics card and later a new system.


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