ADL: Installation autogrid 4 and autodock 4

Paola Beassoni paobeassoni at
Mon Oct 29 11:34:20 PDT 2007

Hi Art,

I suppouse that you are trying to install Autodock in a windows environment.
For that, you need the cygwin library to mimic the linux environment. If you
have downloaded the library you have to put it in the same folder were the
executables autodock4 and autogrid4 are. It will work this way.
If you don´t have the library you can download it here:

Good Luck

2007/10/18, arthurshaw <shaw299 at>:
> Hi everyone:
> I was encountered with a problem regarding installation of both autogrid
> 4.0 ad autodock 4.0 which showed cygwin1.dll could not be found message.
> Does anyone give me advises? Thanks.
> Art
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