ADL: Problem running ADT 1.4.6

Samantha Kaye samantha.kaye at
Tue Oct 30 05:06:34 PDT 2007

I have tried to install the MGLTools binary 1.4.6 for Linux and it 
appears to install fine until I launch ADT (or PMV for that matter) when 
I get the following error:

setting PYTHONHOME environment
Run AutoDockTools from /home/sam/temp/tested/AutoDockTools
libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x4b
MSMSLIB 1.4.4 started on
Copyright M.F. Sanner (March 2000)
Compilation flags 
python: i830_metaops.c:407: i830ClearWithTris: Assertion 
`!i830->intel.prim.flush' failed.

I have seen that this is a known error and that ensuring libdrm-dev is 
installed should solve the issue. However, I have libdrm-dev installed 
and I still get the error. Do you have any suggestions please?

Best wishes

Dr Samantha Kaye
The School of Pharmacy
University of London
29-39 Brunswick Square


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