ADL: Center macromolecule in workspace

Joaquim Rui Rodrigues joaquim.rodrigues at
Mon Feb 11 00:54:15 PST 2008


Press n to recenter the view. For more key bindings, see:

Hope this helps,
Rui Rodrigues

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> Subject: ADL: Center macromolecule in workspace
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> Hi,
> Is there any tool to centre the macromolecule in ADT like in other
> softwares. I'm having a problem analyzing the docking results- can't see
> any conformations besides the input one when I play the conformations. I'm
> following the procedure in the manual 'Using ADT with Autodock'
> Czuee Morey,
> Msc. Biotechnology,
> IIT-Bombay

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