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Dear Pavithra,

You should always install ADT:

 - If you want to dock only a few ligands to a protein the best way is to
install ADT and follow the instructions. It may take a while to install ADT
on Fedora 8 (it took me about 1 full week, don't know why), but then it runs
smoothly. The ADT tutorials are a good start, see

 - If you're doing virtual screening, like hudreds or thousands of ligands,
you'd certainly like to use the scripts that come with the ADT packages; see
the How-to Section on autodock site (, they're excellent to start

In the second case you'll have to learn a little linux shell scripting, very
little, but it will help you quite a lot.

I have a couple of scripts that may help you setting up your initial work, I
can send them to you, just write me an e-mail directly.


On 16/02/2008, Pavithra <meetpavithramsc at> wrote:
> Dear Friends
> Im Pavithra..
> I have installed Fedora 8 in my PC..
> I have downloaded autodock 4 for linux and after following the procedure
> to
> install it in linux (I am new to linux also)..
> I have copied the autogrid and autodock files to usr/local/bin..
> but i dont know how to start working....
> shd i install python and adt tools?
> how to run autogrid and autodock?
> please help me....
> Thankyou
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