ADL: ligand.dld file is not opening

prashantha bhat prashantha.karunakar at
Sun Feb 17 06:18:16 PST 2008

Dear dir,

I am Prashantha.Working on Autodock tool since 1 year.

I am really impressed with the features and its work.

I have been using it for Protein-ligand interaction.I went for doing
Protein-protein interaction.

Both autogrid4 and autodock4 programs runned well and even I got message
"Successful completion".

But when I went to open my ligand.dlg file It's showing an error message
like: Docking instance has no attribute 'ligmol'

I am not able to visualize my dlg file.

Would you please help me to Know the result.

Attached is an error message.

Thanks in advance,


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