ADL: mv: cannot move `autogrid4' to `/usr/local/bin/autogrid4': Permission denied

Daniel Jana dfjana at
Fri Feb 29 11:11:02 PST 2008


I already replied to this question 6 days ago!

You cannot, I repeat CANNOT, copy the file to /usr/local/bin as a
regular user, I repeat REGULAR USER.
If you login as root*, I repeat ROOT, then you should be able to copy
then file. Just to stress the fact that this should is not a
possibility, is a certainty.
So... just do the command:

then put the password to root and then copy the file. If you want more
details, read my reply from 6 days ago!


On 29/02/2008, anantha ramanan <ananthu.bioinfo at> wrote:
> Hi all,
>            I have installed the autodock4 in windows succesfully, now i am
>  trying to install it in linux, I cannot move "autogrid4"  to
>  /usr/local/bin/autogrid4, How can i solve this problem? I am sending the
>  commands which i used in linux terminal. What could be the reason for that?
>  Please anybody help me?
>  Thank you all
>  iocb at iocb-desktop:~$ cd /home/iocb/Desktop
>  iocb at iocb-desktop:~/Desktop$ tar xvzf autodocksuite-4.0.1-i86Linux2.tar.gz
>  i86Linux2/
>  i86Linux2/autodock4
>  i86Linux2/autogrid4
>  iocb at iocb-desktop:~/Desktop$ cd i86Linux2
>  iocb at iocb-desktop:~/Desktop/i86Linux2$ mv autogrid4 /usr/local/bin
>  *mv: cannot move `autogrid4' to `/usr/local/bin/autogrid4': Permission
>  denied*
>  iocb at iocb-desktop:~/Desktop/i86Linux2$ mv autodock4 /usr/local/bin
>  Regards
> Anantha ramanan.R
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