ADL: ADT Tools - ADT tool window automatically gets closed.

Remya Francis M. remyafrancis at
Fri Jan 11 02:30:08 PST 2008

Dear Sir,

I have installed ADT tools(MGLTools-1.5.0-Linux-x86-Install(39MB)*.

I am using Fedora 6.0 and Python 2.4.3.

I tried to prepare a ligand in ADT tools.

Following are the steps done to prepare the ligand ->

Open 'AutoDockTools' -> 'Ligand' -> 'Input' -> 'Open...'

' Ligand File for AutoDock4' widget is displayed, from this window ligand
file(ind.pdb) is selected.

Then the ligand is loaded in the viewer. Along this viewer a small message
box with the title 'summary for ind' also pops up. On click 'OK' the summary
window as well as the 'AutoDockTools' window closes automatically.

Why does this ADT tool window automatically gets closed?

With Thanks & Regards,

Remya Francis M.

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