ADL: ADT Tools - ADT tool window automatically gets closed.

Sargis Dallakyan sargis at
Fri Jan 11 09:36:12 PST 2008

> I have installed ADT tools(MGLTools-1.5.0-Linux-x86-Install(39MB)*.
> *<>
> I am using Fedora 6.0 and Python 2.4.3.
> I tried to prepare a ligand in ADT tools.
> Following are the steps done to prepare the ligand ->
> Open 'AutoDockTools' -> 'Ligand' -> 'Input' -> 'Open...'
> ' Ligand File for AutoDock4' widget is displayed, from this window ligand
> file(ind.pdb) is selected.
> Then the ligand is loaded in the viewer. Along this viewer a small message
> box with the title 'summary for ind' also pops up. On click 'OK' the summary
> window as well as the 'AutoDockTools' window closes automatically.
> Why does this ADT tool window automatically gets closed?

There might be a problem with ADT on your machine. Are you able to read ind.pdb 
using 'File' -> 'Read Molecule'? Please start ADT with '-i', perform the same 
steps, and see if there are any error messages printed.

Also, MGLTools-1.5.0-Linux-x86-Install is using Python 2.5, included with 
installer, instead of Python 2.4.3 as you wrote.


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