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I do things a little differently since I run my simulations on a
distributed project so I've ported the python scripts to binaries. I
have to check if this will work when I get home. But this is the command
line I am using currently
summarize_results4 -d . -r receptor_file.pdbqt -o summary.txt 

You may need to run it with
pythonsh summarize_results4 -d . -r receptor_file.pdbqt -o summary.txt

If you don't have pythonsh in your $PATH then that won't work, you may
need to fix some of your configuration.


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Dear Jack Shultz and  Arneh Babakhani,
Thank you for your suggestions.  I'm not sure how to set my AD and MGL
environmental variables.  I 
have run ADT on the Mac but no other AD python script.  How would I run
with pythonsh?  I tried this 
but I wasn't sure how to do it.
Thanks again,
Holly Freedman

Department of Physics, University of Alberta
Edmonton CANADA

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