ADL: Help!

Deepthi Rajagopalan deepthi.86 at
Wed Jan 16 22:42:52 PST 2008

I am learning to run autodock but I seem to encounter a problem when I am
try to load the ligand molecule. whenever I try to load the ligand molecule,
the charges get added and when I click the "ok" buttton, adt closes and i
get an error message in the terminal which says "segmentation fault". I am
using autodock4 with adt. this is the message I am getting:
deepthi at willow:~$ adt
setting PYTHONHOME environment
Run AutoDockTools from
MSMSLIB 1.4.4 started on willow
Copyright M.F. Sanner (March 2000)
Compilation flags
Segmentation fault

can you see why this is happening and what I should do?


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