ADL: command line and license

Sargis Dallakyan sargis at
Thu Jan 17 15:28:36 PST 2008

> I'm wondering whether is AutodockTools the only software one can prepare ligands and dpf files for Autodock 4 in command line with or is there any additional script which is part of Autodock 4 and has GNU GPL license? If I there's no other tool for it does it mean that for commercial purpose one has to purchase the MGL Tools (MSLIB, STRIDE, UTpackages licenses) if wants to use command line for ligand and dpf file preparation?

You don't need to purchase MGLTools to use it for commercial purposes since its 
free for all:

MSLIB, STRIDE and UTpackages are the only add-on packages that require 
permissions from their authors for commercial usage. In any case, you don't need 
these packages to prepare input files for Autodock using AutodockTools.

I have been working with Steffen Moeller who started packaging MGLTools for 
Debian-Med: He found a couple of bugs because 
of a missing mslib package, which I fixed in our CVS. If you hit these bugs, use 
  Help -> Update or CVS update to get bug fixes.


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