ADL: AD4 - How split macromolecule into different chains?

Remya Francis M. remyafrancis at
Fri Jan 18 01:44:00 PST 2008

Dear Sir,

I have one doubt in AD4.

In AD3, ">getready macro.pdb" command help us to split our macromolecule
into different pdb file(like macroA.atm.pdb, macroB.atm.pdb,
And these 'macro_.atm.pdb' is used for docking.

But, in AD4, I didn't find any command line for split our macromolecule into
different chains. How can I split macromolecue/receptor in to different
chains in AD4?

expecting reply...

with Thanks & Regards,

Remya Francis M.

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