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Bernhard Knapp bernhard.knapp at
Mon Jan 21 00:49:02 PST 2008

thanks for your fast reply but i have still some problems:

if I simply add 
to the gpf file it says "ERROR: Too many "map" keywords (2); the "types" 
command declares only 1 maps."

if i change the map line to "map" it complains with
"I'm sorry; I can't find or open  ""

also if i remove the SA from  the "-p ligand_types="A C Cl H F OA N P S 
Br NA SA HD"" it does not help and it still says "I cant find or open 

what am I doing wrong?


Sargis Dallakyan wrote:

>>-o complexLLFGAPVYV.gpf -l complexLLFGAPVYV.ligand.pdbqt -r 
>>complexLLFGAPVYV.receptor.pdbqt -p ligand_types="A C Cl H F OA N P S Br 
>>NA SA HD" -p gridcenter="grid center coordinates" -p npts="grid points"
>>/home/bknapp/downloads/autoDock_4/i86Linux2/autogrid4 -p 
>>complexLLFGAPVYV.gpf -l complexLLFGAPVYV.glg
>Something went wrong at this point. autogrid4 seems to be having problem with 
>'SA' atom type for ligand.
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