ADL: problem with

John Bruning jbruning at
Wed Jan 23 18:30:12 PST 2008


I am new to Autodock. I went through the tutorial with no problem, then I
tried my own protein...

When I try to launch Autodock4 thru ADT it terminates and apologizes to me
that it cannot find my file. The file apparently doesn't exist
because Autogrid did not create it;  but Autogrid doesn't complain to me
that it is not making the file and seems to run fine.  The only error I get
thru the whole process is in the setting up of the grid making (just prior
to running Autogrid) and a complaint that I have some amino acids with
partial charges that need to be fixed.  The error doesn't tell me how to
fix.  I guess there may be something wrong with my pdb.  Any ideas why
Autogrid is not making all the appropriate maps?


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