ADL: Customizing the script

Sargis Dallakyan sargis at
Thu Jan 24 09:31:06 PST 2008

> Now, I need further help again so please bear with me. The original
> didnt run successfully in our linux system. I tried to do a bit
> of debugging and some script errors persisted.
> ----------------------------------
> My modified version of
> ----------------------------------
> #!/usr/bin/python
> #
> # Usage: stem ndlgs

> [biiamor at hilbert test]$ csh -v is a Python script. You need to run it with python instead of csh. If 
you give it execute permission, your shell will use /usr/bin/python to run it, 
because of the first line in this script.

Examples on how to use can be found in pages 32 and 33 in:


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