ADL: no inhibition constante (Ki)

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Tue Mar 4 02:45:11 PST 2008

Hi ! Miguel
I see your problem. This happened because some components(atoms) of your ligand crashed with Macromolecule. You can extract file to display what happened using 3D program such as Weblab viewer. That why the binding energy was so far and Ki didn't appear. To solve this problem, try to redock by increasing number of run (about 30 to 50 runs but It's sure that more time is consumed). Then, see the result in your out.dlg to see which one has resonable value of dock energy ( not too much high or being positive).. After that, extract the comformation corresponded to the value using egrep command or get-docked( from autodock package) and redocking again. I guess this time will give you reasonable result.

Best luck,
Tee Piroj 

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Subject: ADL: no inhibition constante (Ki)

Hi dockers.

I have been performing several dockings as a training. But in some cases inhibition constant term is not coming (in the out.dlg). Also I have read a same question in the list but no-one responds.

Also in some cases my binding energy  is  16700000 ..!!!!

so I would like to know  in which cases the Ki will come? and why not?

Thanks in advance.



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