ADL: BLIND DOCKING_grid problem

zhaojunwei zhaojunwei2004 at
Thu Mar 6 01:07:45 PST 2008

Hi, Richa
I think you can change the grid points in your .gpf file directly.
receptor *.pdbqs                     # macromolecule
gridfld *.maps.fld                   # grid_data_file
npts 100 100 100                     # num.grid points in xyz
spacing 0.375                        # spacing(A)

Hope it helps.

在2008-03-06,"Richa Batra" <richa.batra at> 写道:

Dear all,
I am trying blind docking. When i visualize the grid it covers my whole
protein. According to the calculations if i set 100 points in each axis it
should be covering my entire protein.However in .glg file what i find is a
smaller grid is formed everytime. Please help me.

Ms Richa Batra
Bioinformatics Centre,
Universtiy of Pune,
Pune, MHT, India.
Alt. Id: batra.richa at
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