ADL: Save a protein-ligand complex as a PDB file

Veritas Semper veritas.semper at
Thu Mar 6 14:04:11 PST 2008

Hi everyone,
I'm using Autodock4 and ADT 1.5.0, after producing a .dlg file, i'd like to
save the protein-ligand complex as a pdb file so i could view it using
DeepView; i followed this instruction:
however, i always got error messages when trying to split the Multi-Model
PDB File using the following commands.
set a=`grep ENDMDL my_docking.pdb | wc -l`
set b=`expr $a - 2`
Is there any other ways to produce a pdb file of the best ligand
conformation and protein.
Thank you very much!

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