ADL: Command not found while using ADT

Mr. Herman Kasro hermankasro at
Thu Mar 6 19:45:48 PST 2008

Dear good people,

My question may sounds very lame but i need your expertise to answer this
"basic" question of mine.
This is the situation:
I have used AutoDock before at my lab but now I have to use AutoDock at my
friend's lab, and it seems that I have a problem using it. I cant ask him to
help, because he's away so I guess I can send you guys question, probably
someone can answer me.

I use ADT to prepare my macromolecule and ligand files. When I tried to run
AutoGrid from ADT, [In ADT, RUN>RUN AUTOGRID] in the terminal area, there is
a command like this:

sh: line1: autogrid3: command not found

So,what's wrong?
Please help and suggest me what to do.

Thank you.
Herman RT Kasro
Institute of Bioscience, UPM Serdang

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