ADL: ADT problems on Mac OS 10.5 and Leopard

Sargis Dallakyan sargis at
Mon Mar 10 12:49:58 PDT 2008

Hi George,

> Many thanks. But some additional clarification is still needed,  
> particularly with regard to the order of doing things:
> 1. I assume one needs to install, as a first step, Python 2.5. The  
> Leopard version I have (10.5.2) ships with Python 2.4.

MGLTools-1.5.0 installer includes Python 2.5 binaries and there is no need to 
install Python 2.5.

> 2. Is the next step the replacement of the Leopard X11 by the Tiger  
> version? If yes, does one follow the procedure given in
> or it would simply suffice to replace the Leopard /usr/X11R6  with  
> that from another machine with Mac OS X 10.4 as you suggest?

I'd recommend to follow that procedure first. It did not work for me though. I'm 
not sure if its because I was using OS X 10.5.2 and that procedure works for 
10.5.0 only, or because I used X11 from Mac's website and not from the Mac's 
installer CDs. In any case, coping /usr/X11R6 and 
/Applications/Utilities/ should suffice.

> 3. Finally, does one install MGL Tools from the binary installer or  
> from the source?

Use binary installer first. Building MGL Tools from source on Mac and Windows is 
time consuming and challenging tasks.


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