ADL: ADT - AutoGrid/Autodock Problems on Windows Vista

lakshmi ganesan lakshmi.g85 at
Mon Mar 10 20:16:20 PDT 2008

> Hi All,
> I successfully installed MGLTools 1.5.0 for Vista on Windows Vista. I have
> the required files in cygwin. I launched ADT. prepared flex.residues and
> ligand  and also fixed the grid box, to get a gpf file. But, when I launch
> autogrid/autodock, I get an error message saying that autogrid/autodock
> stopped working. I am unable to proceed further.
> First I though that it was perhaps a permission issue with Vista related
> to the Programs Folder.  Therefore, I reinstalled MGLTools in the user
> folder. I continue to have this problem. I even disabled UAC and tried. This
> also didn't help.
> Please advise.
> Many many thanks,
> Lakshmi Ganesan

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