ADL: Constants.h

Daniel Jana dfjana at
Tue Mar 11 06:52:04 PDT 2008


Richa Batra wrote:
> i want to run 500 trials for my docking simulation.however i am unable to do
> so the error that i get is "the constants.h file has maximum number of runs
> stored is only 256".
> I am not able to find any such file. did any one had same problem. how did u
> solve it?

This is a file from the source code of Autodock. When you first 
downloaded Autodock you probably got the compiled version for your 
system. If you do download the source then there is a load of files 
among which there is one called constant.h. If you increase the number 
of runs there *and* then recompile Autodock and use that version you 
should be able to do more runs.

Best regards,

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