ADL: ADT problems on Mac OS 10.5 and Leopard

Sargis Dallakyan sargis at
Tue Mar 11 11:44:31 PDT 2008

George Tzotzos wrote:
> Hi Sargis
> I tried the various fixes. You're and the one suggested by Tim Baur. I  
> installed X11 from the original Tiger installation disk. I now get to  
> bouncing X11 icons but not launching. I'm reverting to MGL Tools v.  
> 1.4 and OSX Tiger. Anyway, I'm sending you the error message just in  
> case it helps.
> Many thanks just the same
> George

> ImportError: dlopen(/Library/MGLTools/1.5.0/lib/python2.5/lib-dynload/ 
>, 2): Library not loaded: /usr/X11/lib/libX11.6.dylib

Hi George,

It seems that you need to rename /usr/X11R6 to /usr/X11 or use Tiger's version 
of MGLTools. In any case, you are better off using OSX Tiger for ADT until we 
make a new binary release for Leopard.


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