ADL: how to avoid nonsensical dockings

Sargis Dallakyan sargis at
Thu Mar 13 10:53:42 PDT 2008

David Crosby wrote:
> Hello again everyone! Thanks for all your great suggestions regarding
> setting up a virtual screen using Cygwin. Sargis, I look forward to your
> release!  I installed Ubuntu on my home desktop as a work around until I can
> get cygwin to do it, but for some odd reason ADT doesn't want to start after
> I install. Anyone had any experience with ADT acting strangely using Ubuntu
> (a linux OS)?

One of the most common problem when installing binaries on Linux is the missing 
or mismatched library. Please consult Troubleshooting instruction available for 
the binary Linux installer here:

Please let me know if I'm missing some other cases.

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