ADL: I can't find a map

qiaoyan qiaoyan at
Tue Mar 25 17:59:55 PDT 2008

Hi :

 I am a new user to autodock.I tried to run a docking experiment and
everything went fine

until I run the autodock.autodock4:warning:the atom type (SA) atom number 26
could not be found.

check that this atom type is listed after thr "ligand _types" keyword in the
dpf .and make sure to add a "map"keyword to the dpf for this atom type.note
that autodock will use the default atom type =1,instead

so I motify the gpf file ,I add (SA) after the "receptor_types" keyword
.then ,I run autogrid again,but it said error:too many "map " keywords(5)
,the "types" command declares only four maps.


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