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qiaoyan qiaoyan at
Wed Mar 26 00:26:30 PDT 2008


I am now working on a GPCR system as part of my bachelor's degree. Now the
crystal structure of beta2-adrenergic receptor can be accessed, which PDB ID
is 2I35 in <> . But in 2I35, the
third internal loop is substituted by T4L protein in order to achieve a
better crystallization.I wang to remove the T4L.let the    the protein with
the absence of the third loop to dock to the carazolol-a partial inverse
anatagonist.there is an error:autogrid4.warning:Found an H bonding atom with
thre  bonded atoms,atom series nunmber 676.

Another question:how big the grid box should be ?when I use the intergal
protein,everything went fine until it begin to dock,  ERROR!  energy is infinite!I don't understand why,please help
me.thank you for your attention.

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