ADL: Debian packages for AutoDock and AutoGrid

Steffen Moeller steffen_moeller at
Mon Mar 31 07:33:09 PDT 2008

Dear all,

AutoDock and AutoGrid are now regular packages of the Debian Linux
distribution. Debian users of its flavors "testing" (lenny) or "possibly
unstable" can directly install the packages with

    # apt-get install autogrid autodock

Feedback on the performance of the packackages would be much
appreciated. Please be aware that the packages are available on many
different architectures, i.e., SPARC, AMD64, i386, MIPS, M68k, Alpha,
hppa, PowerPC, S390 and ARM. Maybe this helps to bring AutoDock to more
CPUs for some readers of this mailing list.

I have prepared some preliminary packages on the mgltools. Though to
prepare them all for the Debian main distribution with extra
descriptions, dependencies between backages and man pages will take some
more time. The effort is coordinated via the Debian-Med effort on Every helping hand is welcome.



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