ADL: Molecule is not displayed in AutoDockTool (window vista enterprise)

Swarna Deepa Pandian deepa at
Mon May 5 23:30:19 PDT 2008

de javu viewer to view the file in auto dock

On 4/18/08, surasak chunsrivirot <fa833 at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I installed Autodock 4 with ADT 1.50 for vista. My
> computer uses intel graphics driver accelerator for mobile (window
> vista enterprise).
> For some reasons, when I loaded a pdb file
> from a tutorial hsg1.pdb or other pdb file (in ADT). No molecule is
> displayed on the display window. It's all dark. I tried to change the
> color of the background to other color. Nothing happened. I tried to
> change the coloring of the molecule but still couldn't see anything at
> all.
> I loaded the pdb file in other sw such as VMD. It was displayed correctly.
> I updated my graphics driver but didn't help. Would you please help me
> with this issue? Should I install ADT with older version?
> Thank you very much. I appreciate it,
> surasak
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