ADL: mouse issue

Mike White mwhite at
Fri May 16 08:30:19 PDT 2008

HI there

	I have been running ADT/autodock on  64-bit Linux box for a while  
with no problems. I just installed MGLTools 1.5.1 on an 8-core Mac Pro  
running OS X 10.5.2 and am having weird mouse issues. The mouse is a  
Logitech marble mouse with 4 buttons (left, right, mini-left, and mini- 
right) and a trackball. I am unable to rotate the molecule in ADT or  
PMV- the right button moves the molecule in the X-Y direction, the  
mini-left zooms out, the mini-right zooms in, but the left button does  
nothing except make a yellow square that is visible only when the  
button is pushed. Trying  the left button with the shift, control,  
option, or command button pushed doesn't make any difference, nor does  
any combination of those buttons. Also using the "bind action to mouse  
button" widget from the Preferences to bind button 1 to "rotation"  
doesn't do anything.
	The mouse works fine for all other applications, including  PyMol and  
UCSF Chimera (which also runs under X11) for rotating the image with  
the left button, so I am  not sure what is going on here.

On the Linux box, I have a 3 button Dell mouse, and the center button/ 
scroll wheel is the one that rotates molecules in the viewer when  
pushed down.

	Any assistance would be of help.


Mike White

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